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RPSA advises and represents nonprofit and religious organizations on legal issues at all stages of their life cycle.  Routine services for clients include formation of charities, foundations, and schools; securing tax-exempt status with the IRS; church formation and governance; attendance and documentation for board meetings; preparation of polices and procedures and conflicts of interest avoidance and disclosure documentation; calculation of executive compensation; managing and raising contributions and donations; trademark and licensing agreements; reviewing and drafting contracts and leases; monitoring lobbying activities; and litigation.  RPSA’s clients include alumni organizations, churches and other religious organizations, animal rescue and adoption facilities, schools, universities, sports leagues and groups, homeless and underprivileged outreaches, and organizations focusing on arts and music. 


Forming and operating a nonprofit can be confusing and overwhelming, particularly when one is not familiar with applicable laws and requirements.  RPSA’s experienced professionals assist both new and seasoned nonprofit leaders in navigating the myriad of legal issues relating to their organizations so that they can focus their energies and talents on growing and achieving the mission.  RPSA’s lawyers not only advise nonprofit clients, but many also often serve on nonprofit boards, giving them an inside perspective on key organizational issues and ideal solutions.


To learn more about how RPSA can help with nonprofit and religious organizations considerations, contact Nathan Ketterling and Samantha Rodriguez.