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We serve a wide range of banks and lenders, from community and state to large national banks, credit unions and other institutions. We structure, draft and negotiate transactions ranging from small business loans to large, complex financings. As business attorneys, we also represent borrowers in structuring and negotiating financing.


The firm’s financing transaction attorneys have great understanding of the legal issues presented by complex financing transactions. Our experience includes counseling borrowers and lenders in negotiating secured lending transactions and in structuring loan workouts. Our attorneys assist clients with many types of financings, including acquisition, development and construction loans, lines of credit, long-term mortgage loans, bond financings and capital leases.

Because our business attorneys have extensive experience in representing both lenders and borrowers, we understand loan transactions from both perspectives. We can quickly identify the key issues or critical “deal points” and craft practical and balanced solutions to meet the needs of our client while accommodating the legitimate concerns of the other parties to the transaction.


To learn more about how RPSA can help you with your financing transactions, please contact Robert Rosenthal or Jonathan Starr.