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medical malpractice defense 


RPSA’s medical malpractice defense attorneys represent healthcare professionals and insurance providers seeking experienced defense counsel in malpractice lawsuits. 

Despite a healthcare provider’s best efforts, patients sometimes pursue claims against their providers even though an unfavorable result does not necessarily mean malpractice occurred.  RPSA has represented doctors, nurses, aides, therapists, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care facilities, hospitals, administrator staff, and healthcare management companies, in a wide variety of cases, including cases concerning alleged missed or incorrect diagnoses, surgical and procedural errors, medication errors, incomplete and inaccurate documentation, inadequate or substandard supervision and monitoring, and general and gross negligence. 


RPSA works with healthcare clients early in the process to diffuse and resolve threatened claims before litigation occurs.  When litigation is unavoidable, RPSA aggressively defends healthcare providers’ interests by preparing and treating each case as though it will proceed all the way through trial.  Our diligent preparation and care for each matter, makes us more successful at each step of the process and ensures we will be able to secure the fastest, least expensive, and most beneficial resolution for our clients, at trial or otherwise.


To learn more about the ways in which RPSA can help on your medical malpractice defense, contact Nathan Ketterling or Christopher Wright