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Business & Corporate Transactions


As business attorneys, we provide legal services to a wide range of corporations, everything from entrepreneurs to start-up and early-stage businesses, growing middle-market companies and mature, established enterprises. We advise our clients, their management, and their directors on all phases of business evolution including development, growth, maturation, and exit.


Our extensive experience in a wide variety of industries makes us quick studies of our clients’ businesses. Like our clients, we are entrepreneurial thinkers, sensitive to the need to provide immediate and effective solutions.  We understand how important it is to weigh legal issues from a knowledgeable and well-informed business perspective.  

In the role as general counsel business attorneys, we advise clients on all legal matters pertaining to their business. We often coordinate the services of the other professionals – both from within our firm or engage advisors with specialized expertise to complement our efforts with specific client challenges or opportunities. 

Words are the language of the law, but numbers are the language of business; as business attorneys, we are fluent in both. We review business plans and advise early-stage, growth-oriented companies, and private entrepreneurs regarding the legal implications of raising debt or equity financing. We also assist partners, key managers, and investors as they structure ownership vehicles to enhance the probability of constructive, profitable, long-term relationships.

After creation or acquisition of new businesses, we provide strategic advice regarding financing, acquisitions, executive compensation and employment, intellectual property, and tax issues, as well as potential exit strategies. We understand how to position our clients to raise additional capital required for growth and acquisition. Our experience includes comprehensive services on complex corporate financing and M&A transactions. We also counsel companies about corporate governance and risk management issues.

In addition, our business attorneys advise regarding routine and extraordinary contractual matters, from reviewing a new vendor contract to advising on a major customer relationship. We are, first and foremost, deal makers – not deal breakers. We handle transactions for our clients carefully and efficiently, tailoring our negotiating and drafting strategies to the needs of our client on a specific deal. We do not identify roadblocks without also, whenever possible, suggesting practical paths around the obstacles that stand in the way of consummating the transaction. We actively seek strategies that will allow our clients to close transactions and realize value for their businesses.

In our general counsel role, we endeavor to help owners, managers and directors conduct their businesses in a manner that avoids the need for litigation. When litigation is unavoidable, we facilitate the transition to our Disputes & Litigation Group but remain involved to help guide the controversy to a resolution that makes business sense.


To learn more about the ways in which RPSA can help you and your business, contact Lee Sandoloski.