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Disputes & Litigation


The lawyers of our Disputes & Litigation Group help businesses and individuals resolve disputes both before litigation as well as litigate effectively and efficiently when it cannot be avoided.

Our attorneys have represented parties in many types of business and commercial matters, including suits for breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary obligation, securities fraud, and business torts, such as tortious interference and unfair competition. We also have represented companies seeking to enforce their rights in intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, and trade dress. Our attorneys are experienced in defending professionals in suits alleging errors and omissions, including claims against engineers, attorneys, insurance agents and securities brokers. Our will attorneys handle probate litigation, including will contests and claims by or against estate executors and administrators. 


In the early stages of a dispute, our attorneys work with our clients to seek constructive solutions and to avoid the escalation of a problem into litigation. Careful early analysis of the parties’ competing positions and goals often brings about a satisfactory resolution before a lawsuit is filed.

When litigation cannot be avoided, we aggressively represent our clients to bring cases to prompt conclusions by trial, mediation or settlement. Litigation is a means to an end, not an end in itself.  It is therefore critical to define the desired outcome early on and to pursue it from the outset of a case through its conclusion. Focusing on the outcome, not the process, leads to better and more efficient results.

It is not sufficient to know only the law; that knowledge is a given in our practice. Our attorneys bring a wide range of industry experience and knowledge essential to the effective resolution of disputes. Their diverse backgrounds permit us to quickly grasp the facts and issues relevant to a given problem and to craft efficient strategies for resolving it.


To learn more about how RPSA can assist you with dispute resolution or litigation, please contact J. D. Pauerstein or Nathan Ketterling.