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To serve our clients, we prepare and prosecute all types of patent applications and provide infringement/non-infringement, patentability and freedom-to-operate assessments and opinions. We prepare and prosecute domestic and foreign trademark applications, pursue oppositions, cancellations and enforcement litigation, and provide related assessment opinions. We file and help our clients exploit their copyrights. We help establish and enforce trade secrets. We draft and negotiate licenses and agreements for the monetization of proprietary rights and technologies. And, because maximizing asset values can mean determining with precision the extent of those assets, we conduct intellectual property audits and due-diligence reviews of intellectual property portfolios for our clients.


We provide personal, strategic counsel to help our clients transform complex problems into business opportunities, and collaborate closely with them to better understand their business goals and interests in order to develop and capitalize on each asset within their overall portfolio.

In keeping with our objective of maximizing business value for clients, we are devoted to growing the net worth of our clients by maximizing actual and potential returns on their intangible assets. To do this, our attorneys draw upon years of legal, corporate, courtroom and practical experience in the protection and enforcement of all types of intellectual property rights.

Unfortunately, the nature of intellectual property rights can sometimes lead to conflict. We approach the possibility of our clients entering into litigation with their business interests in mind. The most advantageous resolution of a dispute often can be found in the boardroom rather than the courtroom, and when it is in our client’s best interest, we seek to resolve disagreements by negotiation. However, if litigation appears to be the best course of action for our clients, our experience in intellectual property litigation allows us to vigorously represent our clients in an aggressive and ethical manner.


To learn more about what RPSA can do to help you protect your intellectual property, contact William Quirk.