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Our attorneys advise clients regarding compliance with federal and state laws, regulations, and rules governing political law and professional ethics. Our Political Law & Ethics Compliance services include both compliance counseling and representation in enforcement proceedings and litigation. We represent or have represented members of the Texas Legislature and the U.S. Congress, sitting judges of various Texas courts, and local elected officials, as well as candidate campaigns for these sorts of offices.


Campaign finance and ethics issues are often in the news, as candidates and officeholders are confronted with both civil and criminal proceedings arising from political activities. To keep our clients out of the news, we provide conservative and prudent advice regarding compliance with federal, state, and local laws regulating campaign finance and elections. Our goal is to help clients avoid legal problems by conducting themselves in accordance with the rules governing political activities. Our work includes reviewing campaign finance filings, advising regarding compliance with the laws governing political contributions, and assisting officeholders in weighing the effects of ethics laws on their activities.

When problems arise, we represent clients in matters before the Texas Ethics Commission and in the courts, where we have experience in defending both high-profile criminal prosecutions and civil suits based on campaign finance matters. Our experience in these matters allows us to craft vigorous defenses to alleged violations of campaign finance laws and to complaints submitted to the Texas Ethics Commission.


To learn more about RPSA’s ability to assist you with campaign finance and political ethics matters, contact J. D. Pauerstein.