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Our Practice

We represent large and small landowners, developers and businesses in a variety of groundwater, surface water and environmental matters.  RPSA handles groundwater disputes and transactions for some of the largest landowners in the state, as well as handling permitting matters and water supply issues for locally-owned businesses and regional developers.  We have also assisted small and medium-sized municipalities in a variety of water supply and CCN matters.

Our Approach

The changing face of Texas water rights and groundwater law, coupled with the increasing challenges of supplying water to a growing population, has created a dynamic area of legal practice.  Our clients encounter a variety of regulatory hurdles such as securing adequate water supply for their developments, obtaining groundwater permits from groundwater districts, and complying with a host of regulations from the TCEQ, EAA and other regulatory authorities.

Over the past few years, both Texas courts and agencies have been busy interpreting and implementing a host of new groundwater and surface water regulations.  We help developers, private landowners and businesses interpret these new laws and regulations and set a course for successfully navigating their transactions within the framework of the law.  Since our attorneys understand and appreciate the underlying business concerns present in most water and environmental matters, we efficiently find solutions to compliance, regulatory, supply, and other water and environmental matters.  We assist clients with unanticipated water and environmental regulatory matters that often arise in a host of business transactions, as well as interpreting the most recent court decisions and agency rules to help our clients avoid any water or environmental issues on an on-going basis.

To learn more about how RPSA can help you with water and environmental matters, please contact Jennifer Windscheffel.